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Howto list all the file extension types in an SVN log dump

svn log -v > myrepo.log

perl -ne 'print qq{$1
} if m{^s+.*(.[^.s]w+)$}' myrepo.log | sort | uniq -c | sort -r


Rendered WGet with Selenium

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#== Synopsis
# Time-stamp: <[c:/noah/n_s/tools/foo_tool/selenium-rc-tests/rwget.rb] was last modified by Noah Sussman at 13:46:48 on 2008.07.22 on 5M8DLC1-NYO.  (Serious Cat) v1.3>
# Based on the demo code packaged with Selenium-RC: 10:24:44 PM EST on Saturday, March 22 2008
# Rendered WGet and Rendered-Versus-Server-Source diff
# Get rendered HTML for a DHTML page and optionally compare it with the HTML stored on the server.
#== Examples
# Get the rendered HTML from site.com
#    rwget site.com
#== Usage
#    rwget [options] <http url>
#== Options
#    -d, --diff    diff the rendered source agains the server source.
#== Author
#    Noah Sussman (noah@onemorebug.com)
#== Copyright
#    Copyright (c) 2008 Noah Sussman under the MIT License:
#    <a href="http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php" >http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php</a>

require 'open3'
require 'rdoc/usage'
require 'uri'
#require '~/Documents/n_s/tools/foo_tool/selenium-rc-tests/selenium.rb'
require 'selenium'

#page = ARGV[0]
#click_on_id = ARGV[1]

def rendered_wget (list)
#First arg is shifted off, any remaining args are assumed to be IDs and get clicked before the source is grabbed.
page = list.shift()
unless page =~ /^http:///
page = "http://" + page
page_url = URI.parse(page)
remote_host = page_url.scheme + "://" + page_url.host
@selenium = Selenium::SeleniumDriver.new("localhost", 4444, "*firefox", remote_host, 10000);
#  @selenium = Selenium::SeleniumDriver.new("localhost", 4444, "*iexplore", remote_host, 10000);
for id in (list)
src = @selenium.get_html_source
return src

if (ARGV.length == 0)
elsif (ARGV[0] =~ /^-?-d/)
#diff rendered vs. server source
tidy_rendered, tidy_server = ""
ARGV.shift()    #No more need for the -d option now that we know it was passed.
server_src = `curl -s #{ARGV[0]}`
rendered_src = rendered_wget ARGV    #corrupts ARGV
Open3.popen3('tidy ') { |stdin, stdout, stderr|
stdin.puts rendered_src
stdin.close_write	#without this the script will hang
tidy_rendered = stdout.read
rendered_tmp = File.open("rwget_rendered.tmp", "w");
rendered_tmp.puts tidy_rendered
Open3.popen3('tidy ') { |stdin, stdout, stderr|
stdin.puts server_src
stdin.close_write	#without this the script will hang
tidy_server = stdout.read
server_tmp = File.open("rwget_server.tmp", "w");
server_tmp.puts tidy_server

diffs = `diff -u rwget_server.tmp rwget_rendered.tmp`

puts diffs

`rm rwget_rendered.tmp rwget_server.tmp`

#How do I diff 2 buffers without dumping to tmp files?
#print rendered source
puts rendered_wget(ARGV)


Scrape Google from the command line

perl -e "$i=0;while($i<1000){sleep 1; open(WGET,qq/|xargs lynx -dump/);printf WGET qq{http://www.google.com/search?q=site:onemorebug.com&hl=en&start=$i&sa=N},$i+=10}" | grep "//[^/]*onemorebug.com/"